Fpltoif Maps Down?

Is fpltoif having troubles at the moment when you click on the maps sector or has my connection stopped working?


All good on my end.

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I have the same issue on my phone.

Yea me too it happened to me like 10 mins ago

Same problem here

I had to turn off the maps because of an issue with the maps provider. It has actually been this way for a while now.


If you need maps generate the fpl on simbrief first and then use the simbrief classic import.
That also gives you V speeds if you use the provided weights.

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V speeds is in the normal one too. V speeds were in certain plan formats but I added it a few updates ago.

Ill add back the maps. It was a storage nightmare for me so I will put it back to just view what is on simbrief.


lol for some reason I forgot V speeds were provided by fpltoif
I just use v speeds from IF assistant though

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