FPLtoIF issues

Is anyone else experiencing issues with FPLtoIF? It keeps sending me to an internal error screen.

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All good on my end.

Not working for me either

Same problem here

Same here. Even IF is not working for me…Live Server keeps failing on me

@Felix_Monroe might want to check your general internet connection - as no other topics have been made about Live Server issues.

@AviationJack is it working for you yet? I’ve just filed a flight plan with it.

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It started working for me,

Great to hear that!

I’ve checked…I just finished watching a 15minute video over at YT in full HD without it ever stopping. So don’t know what’s the issue here. I guess I’m not flying tonight🤷‍♂️… anywho thanks for the input👍


Was it just the simbreif classic not working or the simbreif page? Or was it the whole website?

FpltoIF page was not loading… but it’s working now

FPLtoIF, should be back. Sometimes it has its issues, but most of the time it gets fixed in a couple of minutes. If it ever happens again, just wait a little, and try again.

It’s not working again for me. Click the generate flight plan, it goes to simbrief page, then nothing happens.

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Try again in some time. Like I said before, FPLtoIF sometimes has issues, but gets fixed, after some time. Hope this helpes.

Same here, doesn’t progress after SimBrief has finished.

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