FPLtoIF issue

anyone having issues when making a FPL, then it takes you to simbrief, then it brings you back to the original page and doesn’t load the FPL?


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Retry it. I’ve experienced it. And also can someone for to #thirdparty

Hi @charrison ! I’m having the same issue here just trying to get a flight plan to go to CYHZ but it is not working lol!

A little different in my case, mine randomly brings me to another tab after generating the FPL with SimBrief but when I click back on the original tab, it loads.

Yes!!! Im having the same problem rn.

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Same issue here

@That_Mango You need to wait for a minute or so the webpage will take you back to FPL .

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No sir, its not taking us

Hmm 🤔, looks like a server issue then.

Working fine for me.

@Chris_S do you know what happened?

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That maybe be the AIRAC Cycle that is updating


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