Fpltoif flight plan

is this normal for a cruise ?

35,000 feet?

Looks good to me. What looked confusing?

no it goes to fl230?

Seems fine. Is that near the end of your flight plan?? Could also be due to winds.

yeah kinda near the end

Then it probably getting ready for descent into the arrival airport.

also have you ever flew to la parma on the game

Ok fptoif might of made an error. This is probably the beginning of your decent.

oh didn’t think of that

It all depend on the heading of the airport you are flying to.

I like to Keep my Altitude at the end of 30 000 ft when it’s a flight longer than 1.30 hours.

This is what I use:

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the way point if 4 up from lpps

isn’t that too early for descending

i don’t have a clue how to read that lol

I’ll pm ya to explain ;)

ok thank you also is this a strange approach?

Nope looks good!

but it isn’t straight with the runway i’ll have to do a turn right on arrival

the next waypoint is to get to 23,000 should i do what it says ?

Not all approaches are straight in with the runway.

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