FPLTOIF flight plan over North Pole

I am about to do KJFK to RKSI and when I got the FPL from FPLTOIF and when I checked the route it gave me it takes me through Alaska ,but when I compared the FPL to the IRL FPL the flight doesn’t even touch go into Alaska and other routes I have done before all go through Alaska while the IRL FPL goes over Alaska and does not even touch it at all so is the FPLTOIF Fpl correct?

FpttoIF I think only favors the winds for the fpl.

If you wanna fly over the North Pole I suggest flying Delhi to Vancouver. It’s an amazing route with beautiful scenery!

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I recomend OMDB-KLAX long flight and right over the north pole, or I think to call, sad melted ice

I meant like the route I am about to do is supposed to take me over the North Pole according the the IRL flight plan while in FPLTOIF takes me over Alaska so which one is correct

sorry for the misunderstanding

I believe it is because as said above, winds

and fpltoif takes things from simbrief, so it might be a little off from what the two websites think

So from what I know the route you’re given come straight from simbrief. And that is the default route. If you go to simbrief itself, you’ll be able to choose from different routes. More than likely, there will be a route that takes you through the north pole. Make sense?

@Captainflight like I said earlier, to add on. I think it would be better to use the FPLtoIF fpl. Sometimes you won’t be able to follow the real flight. And maybe it’s a longer flight time because of the winds up north

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This is the closest flight plan I could get to the real flight. You can use Simbrief to choose a custom route and generate an XML file and input it into FPLtoIF.

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I will just stick to FPLtoIF

For some reason I have 15:10 hours to RKSI while FPLTOIF said I have 14:30 to RKSI

The 14:30 from FPLtoIF is because of the winds

I am doing the FPLTOIF planned route The winds are strong near new York

its now telling me from 15:15 to 16:300

For the real life flight plan or the FpltoIF flight plan?

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