Fpltoif down

does anyone know if fpltoif.com is down?

I am getting an internal server error

Same here…

It’s working for me. Maybe try a different browser or something like that?

What about when you try and go to one of the simbrief tabs?

Down for me too 😞

Try now , it’s working again for me

and flightaware too. bruh this happens far too often

still not working :( for me

Yeah it just went back out for me again . Loaded the first page but won’t load Simbrief

A simple solution I did was create a flight plan using Simbrief itself. Bit of a pain to mess around with the procedures and airports, as it is not as easy as Fpltoif, but does the job.

This is where you can really realise and appreciate @Chris_S’s hard work . It shows that this non-funded website actually comes in helpful to almost all IFR flights in Infinite Flight, and is almost essential for quick and easy planning, although not a necessity.


I always use sim brief but then use the xml file an then simbrief classic on fpltoif

To answer your question, yes, my FPLtoIF is currently down.

I think this is an important part to understand for everyone. FPLtoIF is very important to most of our planning, at least efficiently, and it goes to show that such resources shouldn’t go for granted. Thank you to Chris who has put hard work and money into the betterment of our experience with Infinite Flight.


at this point everything is down for me. flightaware, flightradar24. its soo frustrating

I thought it was just me.

Likely a provider issue here if multiple applications that share the concept of flight planning and tracking are down. Don’t think they can do much until their provider gets to the bottom of it. We just have to wait it seems.

Thanks, I am looking into it. Sorry I was sleeping…

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flightplandatabase.com still working when fpltoif.com is down

Thanks for holding. It should be back up. I spent hours debugging the site only to find the issue was with the source of where I get the airport diagrams from. I commented that out for now and everything is fine!

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ok thank you very much I appreciate it :)

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