FPLtoIF down?

Hello everyone!

Is FPLtoIF down, I can’t get a flight plan from the SimBrief part.

Anyone else having the same issues?


Also, could someone move this to #thirdparty, it’s not letting me for some reason

Edit: Thank you @TaipeiGuru!

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Wait a minute.

It’s working now. You can now close this!


For me its working both FpltoIF.com and simbrief.com


Ok. That was really weird how it wasn’t working for me.

Sometimes the Cycle for the data might not update and just take time before it works

Ok got it. Thanks!

I just got an ‘500 internal server error’ when attempting to use the SimBrief Classic feature. Went back and tried again, took ages to process and received the same error again.

With most websites they are at the mercy of other services. Sometime simbrief is down, sometime you may be hitting it during maintenance windows. Just be patient and try again in a few.


Ok got it! It’s working now. Thanks Chris!