FPLtoIF down?

I was trying to create a flight plan on FPLtoIF but every time I try to make it I get this error. Is this site down or something?

The website is very slow currently.



Simbrief is down. I still believe that you could make a flight plan with the other planners (in FPL to IF)


Thank you. Mods can close now I guess now that I have my answer.

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Try route finder, skyvector, or flightaware(will only give you NA route)

How the heck will Misha help?

His unicorn horn isn’t an ethernet cable, hate to break it to you.


“Comment of the year ladies and gentlemen” 😂😂 I don’t know why I laughed so hard at that

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Still no need to tag staff or mods. They can see this topic and close it at their discretion.

@AlphaSeven I’ve been assembling a standing/sitting motor powered desk. The amount of cables that are shaped like ethernet cables that I’ve put together.

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Ecoops123 is awesome, man.
I tell you, he’s got some humor.


Or you can follow the instructions on the website for support.

If Simbrief is down then that means their API is down. That is out of my control. Just be patient…


It works really slow

Hi. I know this topic is really old now, but I thought that this wasn’t worth making another topic with a similar one open:

FPL2IF seems to be down again. Is there any fix?

It’s working fine for me. Maybe it’s your internet?

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Maybe, I’ll check again

Hmm, seems to be really slow for me. First time I did it, my browser timed out, but now it’s working.

Sorry about the disturbance…

Is it down again? Simbrief is working fine but fpltoif won’t generate any FPL…


Yep, it’s down for me as well and has been for a few hours

Edit: I was prompted to re-login to SimBrief and it works now

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