FPLtoIF Down Again?

FPLtoIF can’t seem to get to the flight summary page (it can get past the green loading bar though), just stuck on the page where it asks for aircraft and route.

Anyone else experiencing this?


Yes it is, I tried a lot but it didn’t show up for me.

Having the same issues as well. Please be patient until it’s fixed

Thats weird, its working fine for me. If you guys need a fpl just PM me and I’ll get you one!

I’ll take a look. Often time the issue is on the simbrief side.


I just tried it with my mobile data… And now it works!! @Claudio

Y, was a consecutively on and of today. I gave up ftm. Now I’m gambling if fuel is enough for my routes or not :)

OP flagged for closure after it is working again.