It seems like I can’t generate a flight plan using the sim brief tab on fpltoif.com

does anyone else have this problem?

it doesn’t work on my laptop, desktop, iPhone
weird a few days ago it worked flawless.

let me know if there is a fix to it or a alternative to it. please don’t Spam me with „flightplandatabase“ I don’t like this one.


Hey @cpt.mustache

This is currently a known issue so please feel free to continue here Fpltoif error

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It’s currently under maintenance. If you are flying within the US, you can use flight aware via FPLtoIF.com

You can use skyvector to manually plan your flights or just pull a flightplan from flightplandatabase.com
Until this resolves itself ofcourse

Thanks for sharing!


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I’m in Europe, btw for me it doesn’t say in that too boy that there is a maintenance hmm weird. thanks for letting me know!

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that’s what I thought haha lmao this guy!

love you man haha

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Yes because per @Chris_S comment in FplToIf Error the issue has now been resolved.

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At least I thought it was…

It worked for me only an hour ago? Did it go down since then?

I just checked and it is up. It could be your browser is holding onto a cached version. Give your browser cache a clearing and try again. Please continue here Fpltoif error