Fpltoif.com not generating flight plan

Is anyone else having issues with generating a flight plan? I filled in everything as usual and automatically went to simbrief and loaded the flight plan but went back to fpltoif.com and didn’t creat my flight plan.


Yep, I’m having this issue too.

This ain’t #support. It’s #thirdparty.

Yes, I had this issue this morning! I thought maybe it was just a problem with my device, but I guess not.

Works fine for me.

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Maybe contact @Chris_S as he’s the owner.

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Yeah it works fine for me as well.

Sometimes it can be an error when it doesn’t locate simbrief, or rather just doesn’t go through. I usually just send another request and it works the following time. Also make sure you input your aircraft and other information, as it usually requires these entries.

Yeah mine isn’t working right now.

I have tried over and over on different devices and it doesn’t work maybe @Chris_S can help us out here.

This is slightly on topic because it’s about the website, does anyone else have issues where the website tends to straight up ignore how many passengers and cargo amount you put in, and just choose for itself?


It sometimes don’t generate because it’s loading in new data or something, I have experienced this before, just wait, it should be fixed soon I think.

Give it another try. I turned the server off and back on again.


Yes at this point I just take whatever amounts it gives me.

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It’s seems to be working well now. Thank you.

Hello. I was just about to make a topic for this but then I came across this in #thirdparty.
This issue is still there for me and the flight plan is still not loading for me even though I tried it multiple times in multiple devices. I also restarted my devices but still, the flight plan is not loading. Can anything be done about this @Chris_S?

Sorry for the ping sir.

Thanks a lot!

It’s an issue with the simbrief api that does that, the developer doesn’t have much control over that

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Thx @Chris_S
it’s working now very good

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works fine for me now!!

did you make fpltoif or something? and also what server?

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