FPLtoIF.com June Update

What is FPLtoIF?

FPLtoIF.com is a free, ad-free, mobile friendly website that assists pilots in copying their flight plan from Flight Aware or SimBrief into Infinite Flight. The site identifies missing waypoints and replaces them with GPS coordinates for a complete Infinite Flight plan. Additional features include the ability to save your plans, random flight generator, server stats, METAR lookup, and much more.

FPLtoIF is not affiliated with Infinite Flight.

June 2019 Updates

In the last update (January 2019), I mentioned that I was going to take some time to redesign some of the older elements and give the page a new look. I went through each page and found room for improvement as well as bug fixes that users have found over time.

  • Format re-design. This layout is a little more user friendly an will allow me to introduce more features in the future.
  • The Flight Aware page has been updated to give you a streamlined way to access flight aware flights without the need to physically visit FlightAware.
  • Added the ability to save flight aware plans
  • The Simbrief page has been updated with some new inputs (time of day, alternate airport)
  • Fixed some of the delay/issues with adding SID/STARs to the generated plan.
  • Updated the Simbrief classic page to use the same features as the other Simbrief page. You can now add SID/STARs to your Simbrief Classic generated plans.
  • Updated navigation database to the latest IF version.
  • General bug and performance fixes
  • Added V-Speeds to the Simbrief page.


If you see anything odd or have questions, please PM me . (not in this thread please)

Give it a try today! FPLtoIF.com

Happy planning!



Nicely done!
This will benefit everyone! I can’t wait to try it!


Looks amazing chris… IF wouldn’t be as good as it is if it wasn’t for your website:)


I have been using this ever since it first came out

Such a useful tool! :D

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I absolutely love the V speeds!


I am updating the waypoint database so some may show as missing when in fact they are there. It’s temporary.


What’s that?

I think my life is just about complete now. Will be great to get a full OFP from SimBrief and have the ability to add in the SID and STAR fixes without some awkward searching for the pertaining charts. Thank You for your hard work Chris!

Standard Instrument Departures and Standard Terminal Arrival Routes - most airports have these published for pilots to use when approaching an airport to ensure proper separation standards, give a more regulated approach, and for many more reasons.

More information can be found easily on wikipedia.

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I tried the v-speeds as well as the SID/STAR function yesterday. The new features make my flights feel so much more realistic. Absolutely terrific job @Chris_S!

awesome job, i think you should charge alot more


Thanks so much for a new look to the website. It just gets more satisfying. 👏

Just a question: How does the website calculate the V-Speeds on a particular aircraft and flight? I have made a Tutorial Topic a Month back about Takeoff and Landing speeds, maybe this could help me spread the information further.

I cheat. I am not calculating it. I am using what Simbrief provides.


Only for you. 😏


Chris thanks for this I love using this website to help me in IF makes my flight so much more fun and realistic

😱 This is amazing thank you so much Chris!

“Now that’s lookin good in the neighborhood.”
Great new update!

I like the new look the whole rework seems practical I can’t wait to use it! I have said it once and I will say it again, your work is appreciated!

Every time I try to generate a plan through simbrief I get told Fatal Error: Invalid API Key.

EDIT: Must have been my WiFi. Works now.

Very nice update, Chris - thank you!