FPLtoIF.com - January Update


Great work @Chris_S. But it stops working on mobile devices. Can’t open a detailed flightplan.
Tested with Chromebook, S4, S3, S8+ and Shield.
Any hints?


PM me with more details on what stopped working means. Simbrief or flight aware, etc.


I love that there’s tabs at the top for the maps and stuff. Only issue is sometimes the maps don’t load. I assume that’s just a simbrief issue though.


Yeah sometimes the maps and airport diagrams are not available.


The maps/diagrams are mostly at airports in the US, you will likely not see any if the airport is not located here.


My flight from KEWR-VABB arrived early today. The site said 14hrs 57mins but I woke up to myself circling the airport at 13hr30mins…ish. Is this an issue with the site or just because of North Atlantic tailwinds?


Sometimes their ETAs are off due to winds or different speeds.


The average flight time without delays is 13hr 50min. When you factor in 30-40 or so minutes for the descent, you have about a 13hr 15min flight to TOD.


This is a really an awesome update. I did want to inquire if you had plans to update the database to include the fighter and other military aircraft into the planning section to make flight plans for?




Thanks Chris for another amazing update! Just started using recently and I love fpltoif.com


Amazing work. I use FPLtoIF in every single flight I make. After the last update it has become even better! Choosing SIDs and STARs makes everything easier and more realistic.


Thanks. I addressed a few bugs users have found such as saving plans and missing runways from the drop down. Others have given me suggestions for additional fields I will be introducing with the site redesign.

The more boring conference calls at work I have the more I can work on it. :)


Thank you very much. I was having trouble adding SID and STARs in my flight plan. Now it seems like you made it easy. Excited to try it!


Chris, will you ever have the add SID/STAR/WAYPOINT etc on simbrief classic/FlightAware?


Sorry just intrigued,

What’s wrong with using the Simbrief integrated onto the website, does it not show the same stuff?


I have created custom fleets in simbrief based off the IF weights. These include performance factors for the aircraft which give me pretty much exact matching fuel. I can’t adjust that with the basic simbrief integration.

For example:

Here’s a planned flight BOS-PBI
N558JB’s performance factor is -15 (automatically saved in my fleet) in IF, I merely set passengers and cargo inside IF first, read off the ZFW and then set my ZFW from IF into simbrief (because SB and IF pax weights don’t match up)
Here’s my ZFW of 136.2 in IF

I’ll then set that in SB

Generating this plan gives me the following numbers for fuel:

I will then generate an IF route string thru FPLtoIF and manually add the SID/STAR/ILS on either end. By using the SB TOC waypoint and adjusting VS appropriately, I will hit TOC exactly on for fuel (sometimes a touch behind or ahead as SB doesn’t recognize the runway transitions to the first WP)
But by the cruise portion of the flight, I’m dead accurate on fuel per WP and at landing within 200lb.

Referenced here-first pic is SB Numbers, second is IFOps numbers for my burn etc. as you’ll see my fuel is dead on accurate


So in closing @Chatta290 that’s why I asked-so that when I pop into classic mode to get the FPLtoIF string, the custom fleet/aircraft performance is taken into account. I’m basically asking for those same buttons (ADD SID/STAR etc) on the SB classic side of it. I also have a Navigraph acct for simbrief/charts etc. so my AIRAC is up to date so the SID/STAR will be current.

I’m still trying to figure out why SB asks for a T/O and Landing RWY but doesn’t recognize the waypoints in the SID or past a certain point in the STAR. For example SSOXS5 from 33L is TEKKK COUSY CBEAR COLYN SSOXS. But simbrief starts the FPL as if I went direct to SSOXS 🤷‍♂️ On occasion that has made for an interesting TOC waypoint placement.


Slack Integration?!
That would be amazing 👍
Pick me for beta testing!!!


Airport Diagrams are only visibel when registered at flightaware.com ?


They are only available for the US based on what Flight Aware provides. Registration is not required.