FPLtoIF.com - January Update


This is wonderful. Soon start making donations to help. Excellent job!


I cant get the SID/STAR option?Or it isn’t out yet?Sorry haven’t been up to date so idk


The titles says [coming soon]

Hope that answers your question


Is there a reason why the CRJ 1000 is not a selectable aircraft when making a flight plan?


It is not an available option on the simbrief side. I am working to create a profile for it.


Ah another dream come true! Thank you Chris!!


I love your website. I’m a relatively new to IF, and I use your tool religiously to plan flights. Thanks so much!


Ah makes sense. Thanks for the clarification!


Will there be SIDS and STARS for European airports or just American airports?


Yes there will


I see its out!Just did a test flight to see how it is an its awesome.Thanks @Chris_S


Thanks if you see anything odd please PM me.


Love it! Thank you. Has to be the easiest to use and most comprehensive planning tool for IF.


I just tested adding a STAR to a flight plan to LFBO, it worked beautifully, well done!

I just wanted to ask, and this is also for flight plans made before the update…is it just me or are descents calculated too steep? Like cruising from 37000 feet and having to start descent only 15mins before ETE to destination. Following the plan for descent made by FPLTOIF, I find it’s too steep to follow the suggested VS and speed. This isn’t for one or two flights either, it’s for most of them. Maybe I’m doing something wrong?


Chris, your site is great. Thank you for your hard work!


Great work. Use it nearly every day. The new Update is live!
An update feature would be nice.


what do you mean update feature?


Update the metar data.
Over the day I decide a route for the next day and sometimes the active runway changes.
Btw. Do you have a good source for approach charts (Europe)?


The METAR will always pull the current weather. I can’t really update the runway because sometimes the entire plan depends on that runway being selected.

For approach charts I use a program called Sim Plates Ultra. Its for all different operating systems. It costs money but has a nice searchable database of all sorts of charts for various airports.


The update is great, SIDS and stats are really useful :). However is it possible to specify a departure time, so we can plan ahead. I sometimes do flights while I’m out and this requires me to get off the ground as quickly as possible to supervise the plane to cruise. At the moment I have to create a route manually in SimBrief, then import it on so I can get more accurate fuel etc.