FPLtoIF.com IFATC Controller/IFC Directory

Ever need to find the IFC profile of an IFATC controller? Worry no more!

I made a quick update to fpltoif.com to add a Controller Directory page. It regularly updates and refreshes their Infinite Flight display name.

Disclaimer… Only controllers who were active in the past 90 days show up. New controllers may not be added until I get a free moment.

Enjoy! fpltoif.com/controllers


This is really cool, thanks!

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This as an updated directory will be amazing!!! It will be super helpful for ghosting topics! Saving this link!

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Keep the good work up. I’m pretty sure this will be used a lot. You just destroyed the problem with finding the controller on here. :clap:

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Not that I have ever needed to know, but this’ll be great for lots of people who aren’t sure who reported them!

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Its not just for reporting… Its also for questions, feedback, etc.


That’s even better! Thanks keep up the good work.

Fantastic stuff!


Now this is good - hopefully no more of the “who is this controller” topics

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A new useful tool! Thanks for this Chris.

But I’m sure most people will use it that way. :)

I presume this is why you closed the original IFATC directory thread and transferred it’s db here…if a controller is not active within three months are they then suspended from service for a punitive period…how do you locate their ID from from the original db !

If a controller has not been active for 3 months, I can’t imagine there’d be a reason for you to have the need to contact them. However, if you do need to get in touch, you can simply ask any IFATC and they can look it up for you.


Yes after a period of inactivity controllers need to retest. There’s code that does magic stuff.


Thanks for this Chris!

However when I click my name there, this comes up-

That’s because there is a space in the link. Chris will remove that space and it will be fix.

@PlaneGeek all fixed.


My IFC name changed in January, it’s not captain APH any more.
It is now APH71.
Wanted everything to link up that’s why I changed it.

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