FPLtoIF.com - Convert and copy your Simbrief/Flight Aware plans to Infinite Flight


Some of us are not aviation experts (myself included) and could use a little help creating more realistic flight plans. Sometimes there may be waypoints missing from IF that need to be researched and converted. Introducing http://FPLtoIF.com!

FPLtoIF.com is a free, ad-free, mobile friendly website that will assist you in copying your flight plan from Flight Aware or SimBrief. Made from scratch by yours truly.

How does it work?

Once on the website, the procedures are simple:

  • Select Flight Aware of SimBrief.
  • Follow the instructions on the screen for each source.
  • The website will analyze the generated flight plan and fill in missing waypoints with GPS coordinates where needed.
  • The IF friendly flight plan will be generated. Pressing a single button will copy the plan to your clipboard
  • Paste the plan into IF and you are on your way.

Additional Features:

  • Available for both solo and PRO routes.
  • Additional SimBrief analysis including fuel, VS calculation, passenger count, and weight.
  • Log of the last 20 plans to give you an idea of where you can fly to.
  • Did I mention it is #makeitfree compliant!
  • Added SimBrief support for VORs
  • Added support to handle duplicate waypoints that show on the other side of the world.

May 2018 Release!

The past few months I have been working on a number of enhancements to the site:

New Server

Not that you care, but the new server has that clean server smell to it with upgraded infrastructure. Sure it costs me money each month but you are worth it.

Saved Plans

You can create a login and have the ability to save your favorite plans for later use. No need to regenerate your flight plan, just click and go! This feature requires a profile to be created.

METAR Lookup

Quick little feature to allow you to enter the ICAO code of an airport and see the weather.

Redesigned Menu

Since I have added a few bells and whistles I started to run our of room on the page. I created a menu to give you easier access to the various features.

Random Flight Generator

This community driven feature helps to solve the question of “Where do I fly today?”. Simply filter for regional, short, medium, long, super haul flights and it will generate a random plan for you from the pool of saved plans. This means that when you save a plan, you are helping your fellow pilots too! This feature is open to all regardless if you have a profile or not.


IFC Events

A quick and dirty page that shows the latest events from the events channel.

Server Stats

Did you know that I capture server stats? You can see what planes are in the air for each server. You can also sort it by plane or by counts.

Active Expert ATC

You can quickly see which frequencies are open on the expert server. This is updated every five minutes.


Saving profiles involves logging in, and profile creation. Along with that comes the ability to change your password. Also a number of performance tweaks behind the scenes.

There have been a number of changes so if you encounter any issues, please PM me. Please do not reply here so we can keep the thread clean.

Tutorial Videos:
Flight Aware → Infinite Flight
SimBrief → Infinite Flight

Give it a try today! FPLtoIF.com

Happy planning!



Woopie! Especially excited about random flights…

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Awe!!! *TearDrop Falls


It will take a short time for people to save plans to build up the flight list but I think it should be fun. I think theres about 20 or so from the people helping me test.

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Still says this brotha


That is what I also get

Yes. It will take a little bit for it to make its way around the internet since it is changing complete servers.


This is amazing! I was trying to use it this afternoon and I got that “Construction” message and I was freaking out because I use it for every. single. flight. Glad to see it will back up. Thank you Chris for making this for all of us!

Nice update to a heavily used site! Chris #1 has brought out an update. What will Chris #2 @Levet bring us? 🤔😀

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I’m going to have a snack and then will try again. Thank you for this ❤️


It’s Beautiful!

Too bad @Levet cant enjoy it yet… :P


Thats because I just commented out the redirection…

I have the power!

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Thank you so much for this. I cant even imagine how much work goes into this, and I really appreciate this tool. Great update!

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Awesome Shaffer! It just gets better and better! Loving the new features and was a pleasure testing it for you :)


Although this great website is now available to us for free…

If you ever have any spare change… Go support @Chris_S in the form of $$ for the hard work that he has put into this!


If you have any issues, please PM me with a screen shot.

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Would you look at that! It made its way to New Jersey finally. This is amazing. I feel like I know how to navigate it already and can save plans from Simbrief and Flightaware with such ease!

Always out doing yourself Shaffer!


Thanks for helping me test when you should have been working. I am going to tell your boss.


Good while your at it I want another $21,000 raise this year.

Thanks for letting us test this for you before public release. Totally enhances the IF experience.


It has been a pleasure testing FPLTOIF, you have done spectacular work with this project, Shaffer!

Cheers Brotha!