fpltoif cargo weight question

Does anyone know what type of units the cargo option uses?


I believe it’s all in tonnes from what I can tell from looking through the user guides.

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What is your title, but it is in tons

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Whatever is in Infinite Flight, it’s in Fpltoif.

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The desired cargo weight , in thousands of pounds or thousands of kilograms depending on the units option.


There’s no 0.1, 0.2, 0.3 scale in IF. Yes, it may be the same units, but unless you know what one unit is (1000 kg or 1000 lb), 0.1 of it isn’t very illuminating.

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Yeah, but it’s still the same units, just in thousands.

Listen to @Chris_S.

I’m pretty sure he knows best.😉

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The cargo units is the same as the fuel units. I will relabel it to avoid confusion.


Thank you everyone. Thank you @Chris_S for such a great IF flight plan source.


@Chris_S Slightly different question but is there any way we could get the ‘total payload weight’ that is calculated by Simbrief shown on the output screen too please?

I have a question while we’re on the topic of cargo weight. The max weight setting allowed for the MD-11F is 60.0 which is inaccurate. It’s weight capacity is about 113.7 lbs. Also, there’s no option for 0 passengers.

Can those be adjusted?

This is possible to change, but can only be done through Simbrief itself. Go to the ‘my fleet’ page and add a new airframe. You can change the weights and maximum passengers there

I updated it.

Also if you have a question on any of the fields, there is a question mark that if you hover or press on the question mark it tells you what it is.


@Chris_S, correct units?

I’m well aware of how to edit it through SimBrief, I’ve already completed your suggestion. I was seeing if it was any better to go directly through FPLtoIF instead of copying the XML file from SB. 👍🏻

I picked the wrong one but you get the point :)

Okay okay, fair enough!

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Thank you, @Chris_S

Thank you for editing it @Chris_S