Why I cannot add the FPL to IF to my home screen?

Are you on Android or Apple?

I am on Apple iOs 12.2, iPad Air 2018

If you have the Chrome app on your iPhone or iPad, I believe you can click “Add to Home screen”, and it’ll add a Chrome shortcut to your screen.

There should also be a similar on Safari I do believe.


It works for me. Load up the site then click the button to the far left on the top right then scroll across.

Works for me. Do you see this screen?

I tried that, but the Add to Home Screen buttton in dimmed

I can only assume that maybe there is a setting perhaps, might be worth checking

Yes I do. But the Add to Home screen button is dimmed

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What about other websites? The website has no control over your browser so it’s not something I can control.

Other websites work good

In the same browser?

Yes, Safari

Type in the name (anything) Then it will work


Type it in the url bar?

I must say with fpltoif it’s like an app when you do this. Quite cool.

See below, type where I have put the letters

App loads very well. The problem is that when I try to add it to home screen this is what I get (see pic). image

As you can see I do not have the option to do it (Add button is dimmed)

Click on the section I put a bubble around, above the URL.

It needs a name, that’s all

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