FPL to IF Problems

Am I the only one having trouble with certain SIDs and STARs recommended by the software? In some cases a waypoint might be tens or hundreds of miles off course compared to the rest (Heathrow departures being a good example), and in others the procedure doesn’t seem to exist in IF whatsoever. Is there anything that can be done to mitigate this? Or any alternative flight planning software that I’m not familiar with that others have found better success with? Presumably the original developer is somewhere on this community so just to be clear I’m not saying the product is useless; far from it!

FPLtoIF relies on Sibrief for the flightplans, and simbrief’s data is provided in AIRAC cycles (aka navigation database version numbers) which are provided by Navigraph, so in return for this Simbrief gives you data from an old AIRAC cycle unless you have an active Navigraph subscription. According to Simbrief, last free AIRAC cycle (1903) was published back in March of 2019, so it’s no wonder some procedures might be off

That would explain a lot

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