FPL To IF Not Working

Hi! Recently when I use FPL To IF to generate my flight routes it is not working. Does anyone know why, or any suggestions for another generator that is accurate? Thanks in advance!

Hi, I just tested it and it works for me! Did you click
“click to copy”

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Yeah, it’s a bit unclear what “is not working” in particular.

I can just share my own experience with a bug. When you press the “generate FPL” button, safary offers you to enable a “pop-up blinker” (idk what’s that). After you close this window it starts to load the results page but it will never happen somehow.
I always use “FPL to IF Simbrief” variant and if you do the same here’s a solution:

  1. Fill in everything required at the FPL to IF site, press the generate button, close the window about the pop-up blinker, close the tab.
  2. Go to Simbrief site, open in “dispatch” section “my flight plans” page.
  3. Choose your recently generated FPL, go to “download the file”, choose XML and in a search bar you just have to copy “… /KJFKEGLL_ … .xml” (ICAO codes for your FPL will match your origin and destination).
  4. Now you have to open FPL to IF again and choose “Simbrief Classic”. Just paste what you’ve copied and press “generate”.
    Now it’s not asking for a pop-up blinker and loading the results page almost immediately.

Hope you’re asking due to this bug and my recommendation can help you, cause FPL to IF is the most convenient and precise tool for IF’s FPLs and analogues are usually not that good. 😉

Another generator you can use in the meantime is SimBreif. Since you are using FPLtoIF, it means you have a NaviGraph account. Just log in using that. To copy the flight plan into Infinite Flight, use IF Flightplan Tools . Hope that is helpful.

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