FPL to IF having issues


So I have been used by the simbreif section of FPLtoIF for a while now and usally get a extremely good and detailed flight plan, even on flights not done in real life. Howerer, recently I’ve been getting tine three-way point flight plans on long haul flights. Could someone give me some help? Believe is a image displaying what I mean.

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The problem occurs if it’s not a real life route I have found

@MarkJudge01 No, that is not true. I had this problem once before, I didn’t really know what to do so I just did a quick device restart and it started working perfectly! Hope this helps.

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This site is dedicated to find true fpl from real life , right ?

I find that happens sometimes for smaller airports or random routes that aren’t established in real life.

There is 2 different ways, you can use the FlightAware version to copy a IRL flight or use the Simbrief version which is a lot easier to use and can make any flight.

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Ok, I’ll try to restart the website and device. Thanks

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