FPL to IF fuel recommendation

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I was wondering if the fuel given for old aircraft in the simbreif option of fpltoif is accurate for their fuel burn.
For example, the 747 family have a much higher rate of fuel consumption than their real life counterparts and if the fuel given is for realistic fuel burn it will not be enough, but, if it is scaled to the 747 in IF it would be enough.
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I’ve never had a problem with it regardless of aircraft. I typically select 15 mins of reserve fuel and it’s more than enough.

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Alright thanks, I probably do a couple of test flights and see if the fuel is accurate later when I have time, thank you

In my experience 747 uses more fuel than anticipated in simbrief specially with headwind during long haul flights. but that’s not true for other aircrafts like A330 and A350. They are more fuel efficient and burn less fuel than predicted. I usually set 1.5-2 hours of reserve fuel and that will be enough for 747 in normal condition.

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I am similar to @Hamid_RB , I don’t usually follow the FPL to IF recommendation and I find it can be a little tight, especially on the 747. An extra 1.5 hours should do the trick, but if you were to cross the Atlantic from Europe to the US, more may be required to counter the strong headwinds.

Alright thanks for the response

Thank you for the response

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