Fpl to if block fuel

Has anyone else noticed recently that simbrief FPLtoIF always gets the block fuel wrong or is it just me?

I usually add an hour’s worth to it and you’ll be fine (except if you’re on older aircraft such as the 747).

Adding an hour works quite exceptionally on the A330. I land with 5% every time. Money well spent 👍🏻

I sometimes find it calculates way too much fuel


it calculates Extra fuel, taxi time, reserve fuel, diversion fuel etc. Cpt Joe did a video about it. So if you burn 4 tonnes and you still got 4 tonnes left its not really an issue i dont think

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But then I end up landing with like 3 hours extra fuel. For a 4 hour flight it will sometimes tell me to take like 7.5 hours worth of fuel.

I find with the A330 it overcalculates especially high

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Yeah me too. However the rework may have something to do with it. Maybe it hasn’t been updated properly yet.

I just check if any aircraft is flying that route on Flightradar 24. If there is an aircraft on that route, I add an extra hour worth of fuel to the flight time and that works just fine. Well except the quad jets.

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Yeah I tend to look at real life flight times and judge of that too. What adjustments would you make if you were using a quadjet or trijet?

Maybe add 2 hours more or 2 and a half hours more of fuel.

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Sometimes even 3 hours or 3 and a half hours.

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Are they really that inefficient?

😅 well yes

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Yesterday I added 3 hours extra fuel for A B747-8,and landed with emergency fuel! So I would suggest taking anywhere between 4-5 hours extra!

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I only check the flight time, which is accurate in fpltoif if you check just before flying, I then calculate the fuel needed based on the fuel burn of the aircraft in IF. Never had any isssue and land with just what I expected to land with.

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