FPL required obligatory?

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Flying Hawaii on the expert server, I was at PHKO, I didn’t planned a flight plan, I wasn’t sure what it would be my final destination so I would make it after take off and be at cruiser altitude, when I requested pushback the ATC ground requested to all aircrafts (not sure it was because of me o any other one) to have a FPL before taxiing and I had no answer for my pushback request.

So my question, it’s necessary or obligatory to have a FPL before to take off? What about if you want to be flying in the entire region for a couple of hours or if you want to fly doing pattern work? (I think there is no FPL required in this situation) If I’m doing wrong let me know to correct my mistake, Any comment, or advice it would be really appreciated, I’m still learning and I try to do everything as best I can.

FlightPLan = FPL

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Unless you are doing pattern work, in busy airspace you should have an FPL. Especially on FNF.

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Airspace was clean,

GA aircraft are more acceptable to fly VFR without an established FPL, however it’s most efficient for IF across the board to have FPL’s at all times. To my knowledge it isn’t mandatory to have a FPL, even on expert. Unless IFATC has made a change to their protocols.

If they asked for flight plans that means you aren’t allowed to do pattern work

It gives ATC a better understand of what your doing , as you may bank right and the controller might think your coming in to land when your actually departing the airspace , which cause unnecessary confusion.

Thank you for all your answer to my question, I do appreciate it.


You’re welcome, that’s what we’re here for.

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Just simply file a flightplan off to roughly where you will be flying then. It’s not hard to quickly create one for departure. You can always edit it mid-flight.

If you don’t have a flight plan filed (except in light GA aircraft flying VFR) you can’t expect ATC services

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@Alejandro_Narvaez… MaxAsks: What Server?

Filling a FPL helps a lot the ATC’s even those like me that are controlling only in trainings servers.

For Friday’s FNF there was a no pattern work notam, so the controller had everybody a file a FPL away from his airport.

MaxSez: If obligatory Flight Plan has been implemented Bravo IFATC. It’s been recommended repeatedly.

FYI; Flight Plans are required for all aircraft carrying paying customers! Check the FAR or AIM I don’t have to the time do do your research any longer! As for Flight Plans in general the FAA has a rule change circulating for comment now which will require a filed flight plan for "any/all"aircraft flying within the US AeroSpace System. It a counter-terrorism
Initiative. Let’s be clear on GA (Pattern Work/VFR) all though not yet required, in my opinion, only a Bold Pilot In today’s over crowded skies leaves home without a filed FPL! Doing GA pattern work out in the boondocks at your home dirt or low class aerodrome is one thing, I file when I do pattern work with the home field as the destination, (If I buy it on a local hop I want the system to be aware of my presence) ! When you venture out cross country without a filed plan you hazard yourself, the other guy in your airspace and the citizens on the ground. We all understand the “See be Seen” VFR rule. It’s very specifically and requires a filed flight plan in and around controlled space for GA.
Transiting a “B” you better file and follow the rules, these rules are in the FAR & AIM look them up. Bottom Line, no matter what you fly be it IF or RW make filing a FPL part of your pre-flight routine. Fly Safe and by the book.


yes, i would always file a fpl. Controllers in this way knows your intention and helps them expedite a comand to u

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