FPL Problem

I was just doing a routine flight from WMKK (Kuala Lumpur) to WSSS (Singapore) for my YouTube channel.

Suddenly, when I checked my device, it said that I hadn’t turned on NAV! I tried turning it on but it said that there was no FPL set. This is not the case as you see in the photos below 👇

Please help. I now have to redo the whole flight…

rlly annoying 😫

You have no active leg. It doesn’t know what to fly if there isn’t an active leg.

mmmmm… Could you add a bit onto that? Don’t get it!

I’m about to do the flight again. Holding short at RWY15 at WMKK till I get a response coz I don’t know what to do…

As you have flown all of the legs of the route, there are no active legs left (you overflew the destination) so it cannot fly any more legs.

The flight plan needs a segment between two waypoints (a “leg”) to be pink (“active”). You have a flight plan, it just completed and now there’s nothing telling it which part of the flight plan you want to fly.


I never overflew the destination @alphabravo6. Look at the photos!

EDIT: Oh, I did… RIP!

Dude, you’re like 100 miles past WSSS…

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Sorry, but it looks like you did to me. What do you think @Tim_B?

Yeh sorry @alphabravo6, you’re right.

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Man, the time flew by! THis topic can now be closed.

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Thanks for your help @Tim_B and @alphabravo6. What a stupid mistake…

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It’s no problem. We all make mistakes :)

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Since you overflew the airport the plane already flew the fpl you set. So you would have to activate the leg that will bring you back to WMSS