FPL Problem...

Hello I am currently flying Melbourne to Singapore (YMML - WSSS) and I left it to have lunch and suddenly my flight plan changed so it was now circumnavigating the whole world and then going to singapore any ideas? Thanks

Do you have a screenshot of the fpl?

I will post it

40%20pm It was supposed to go direct to singapore but changed to going to San fransisco then to WSSS?

And did you paste in a flight plan or pick each waypoint yourself

Picked each way point

the fpl changed mid flight it was fine to start

Are you sure you had your nav on

i am sure

I changed my fpl back now but NAV was on the whole time

So you made your flight plan, left to go have lunch, then came back and the flight plan was different or the flight plan was the same but your plane redirected

Yes i went to lunch and my fpl was different when i came back

Was anyone else there that could’ve changed it while you were gone?

When you noticed it was different, did you notice it in the sim or on Liveflight?

No no one could have changed it and it was changed on both

I have never seen this happen. Do you have a screen shot of your plan in IF instead of live flight?

This usually happens when a waypoint gets manually moved unexpectedly.


No i dont have a screen shot of it in IF i changed it back without thinking

Were you copying a flight plan from flight aware or a different website or just scrolling through the map finding waypoints that way, basically did you use the search bar to search waypoints

As I said above I manually picked waypoints :)

This is so strange

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