FPL not Loaded on Missions

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I have a pixel 6a and It used to be that LNAV automatically loaded when I did a mission on multiplayer mode but that is no longer happening. How do I get it to come back.

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Can you provide a picture?

When you mean that LNAV is not showing, you mean the destination is not set on the map or LNAV is not working?

Here you go it isn’t loading the flight plan any longer and LNAV isn’t selectable.

Did you file a flightplan? A/P won’t work unless you have one.

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I did not it used to automatically file one for a multiplayer missions

File a flightplan and try again.

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Did you put the nav at GPS?


Hi and welcome to the community.

Sorry to hear you are running into issues.

It seem that the actual issue is that the FPL isn’t loading when a mission is started.
LNAV will not be available without an FPL and the button will be greyed out.

Is that happening every single time you start a mission?

Could you please reboot the device to rule out certain things?

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Yes it happens every time

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Are missions supposed to come with a flight plan automatically loaded in?

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Missions should have a direct FPL to the destination.
So the FPL contains the departure and the destination airport.

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Gotcha, thanks.

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Yes and I’m trying to figure out why mine are not

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I’m running into the same issue at the moment.

Apparently there is no FPL when a mission is loaded in 24.2.1.

It looks like that might change in the next official release.

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