FPL in China

FPL in China

Hello IFC!

In China, there are many airports that are not open to the public. This has resulted in many airports in China not having available procedures. The purpose of this post is to provide fpl and aeronautical chart files to supplement the procedures and make flying enjoyable.


  • Any information in the file must not be used for realistic operations.
  • All documents are unclassified and are not subject to legal restrictions.
  • This project is voluntary in nature.



APP_RW05_TAPUN.fpl (24.4 KB)
APP_RW23_TAPUN.fpl (22.1 KB)
SID_RW05_CARTE2.fpl (12.0 KB)
SID_RW23_ALICE1.fpl (13.1 KB)

  • Occasional updates

Last updated: 1 February 2023


This is such a dope idea, thank you for taking the time to do this!

Awesome! Now I can fly realistically in China!

The next will be…?!


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