Hello I was using FPL and I want to make it realistic so can anybody tell me what this means


the whole thing together is a climb/descent/cruise graph

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That’s your fpl

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But in a graph format!

no it’s not a flight plan.

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It’s his waypoint which technically is his Fpl

It basically gives you your altitude at each point relative to the ground. It also gives you wind information.

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Ok how do I read it to see like what altitude I have to be, at whatever waypoint

Around FL270 27,000ft then the TOD and TOC are there Top of Cruise and Top of descent!

Sorry but I’m still confused, just tell me what the thing means on the right side

Essentially just try to use your VS to get to cruise. You should see something like Climb profile 250/300/.78 or whatever the cruise is of your aircraft. 250 too 10,000 then 300kts to 28-29,000 then .78 it cruise. Essentially something along the lines of that. and it’s the same for descent. However i don’t believe it gives you a VS speed. I’ll go have a quick read of a recent flight of mine details and see👍
it does, go back to the website and scroll
down. should see something like this

Ok thanks so the things on the right side means my VS

No. The climb profile is the speed. 250kts to 10,000 then 300 to 28-29,000 then .78 for cruise. Your climb and descent profile is if you scroll to the bottom, it’ll tell you:)

If it’s so confusing use the pic above what @Alphadog4646 said but use that ATL and VS!

Got it thanks

If you need more help, shoot me a pm, send me your flight details and i’ll go over everything to make sure you understand and then you understand fully for future flights🙂🙂

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Just wanted to put this here

It’s your vertical profile and winds enroute.
The climb and descent portion are useless IMO though cuz SID and STARs often have other altitude descriptions

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