Fpl from sim brief

I just tried printing a flight plan packet off of sim breif and it looks like the real thing

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^ Look at that… Great minds think alike

Personally I think it’s a waist of paper when everything is done electronically now

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You could have put this on this thread.

Darn it! @Balloonchaser beat me to it lol

Ok thanks how do you know what topic is so fast

Because it was posted literally 1.5 hrs ago. Wondering where you got your idea for this topic, hmm?

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Yes you got me there

Yep! SimBrief tends to replicate what you’d see and expect for a real world flight. A lot of useful information and data can be derived from a release as you have seen. Flight planning is something that I tend to enjoy doing before embarking on a flight in Infinite Flight. You know… realism? ® 🙂