FPL from Flightradar24

Is there a way to copy an FPL from the replay of a flight on flightradar24?

Simple answer: no

Complicate answer: no


FlightAware is easier, go to FlightAware.com, search the route and copy the flight plan, it should be pretty easy to find

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Alright thank you


Lemme know if you can’t find it

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I got on it but there aren’t any waypoints

What’s the flight number, I’ll see if I can find it

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FlightAware only shows FPLs for routes in New Zealand, USA, Canada, and Australia. If you’re flying in Europe there is no way to get the FPL. If you’re really determined however you could download the CSV file of the flight and then paste each coordinate into SkyVector. Yes it’s long but in the end you will have the exact same route as the real flight.


Yeah the flight is AF191 from Bangalore to Paris

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How do I do that?

First, do you have a FR24 subscription?

No but I can get one

So what would I do after I get one?

You will need one to be able to access the CSV file of the flight.

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Download that, you will have to copy every single box in the “position” column and then paste that into SkyVector. Be aware that this isn’t something you can do in 5 minutes. I’m doing this whole process for a flight myself and i’m still not done.

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I used to do that with sim brief before I knew how to copy the FPL

What you could do is try and see what airways the FPL followed on skyvector. However planes use directs in US a lot so you still need flightaware for that. Europe is a whole other beast.

Simbrief is a good place to get real life routes.

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