FPL for JFK-DCA with river visual

Hey everybody, as the title says, can you make me a FPL with the river visual JFK-DCA taking off runway 22R. Thank you!

image http://flightaware.com/resources/airport/DCA/IAP/RIVER+VISUAL+RWY+19/pdf

Just enter the waypoints in the chart.


So the approach would be FERGI 3000 DARIC GREYZ SETOC 1500 900? @DiamondGaming4

Essentially, yes.

That’s not the river visual.

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No, that is not correct… @DiamondGaming4 stands correct here


@ButterAllDay I see you! I’ll be landing DCA Visual 19 as well in about 15 minutes. Im 100 nm out

@PlaneLover I see you too! The river visual was super fun, just landed and am now parked at the gate. I recommend you to disengage the autopilot early and just follow the river to the runway, thats how I did it and it was challenging but very fun! Good luck! I’ll be taking off soon to head back to JFK.

Roger that! If your still there judge my landing lol

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I may still be there, I absolutely buttered my landing.

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Nice job @PlaneLover!

Guys, please take it to a PM as this isn’t a place for discussion on your landings. 😉


Just put in FERGI and follow the river. Hand flying the entire approach is always fun.


Yes, that is exactly what I did. @Nathan

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