.FPL File & simBrief Question

On the simbrief download page, there are multiple .fpl file options. Which of them, if any, are able to work with IF?

Yeah, I think so, but I usually use the first one.

The IVAO/IVAP doesn’t work

go all the way to the bottom, copy-paste the XML file --> paste it here: https://www.fpltoif.com/simbrief_classic --> copy-paste this flightplan into IF

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That isn’t a .fpl file for IF tho, just a pasted flight plan

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No that is the right one - the XML file copied into the Simbrief Classic page on fpltoif.com gives you an IF compatible flight plan.

Doesn’t seem that there is a .fpl download option there

The required Garmin XPL definition for .fpl file valid in IF is not supported by SimBrief.

one might request that to be implemented.
Either here:
Or via

File format:

It will be implemented when enough people request this.
Until then you can use Skyvector.com it has a .fpl Garmin export that works with Infinite Flight.


RPLL.fpl (35.7 KB)

I currently cannot test it, but with the skyvector download, this works?

Yes, SkyVector works

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Yes, that file works:


Skyvector works
That being said, you should probably delete the SID and STAR and readd in IF.

It would not hurt to create a free account with either SimBrief or FlightAware! I use SimBrief, so I automatically get FPL generated for me, with SID/STAR as well

I’ve used both for years

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If you have a SimBrief account, then you can simply log in to that when you click on Generate Flight Plan in FPLtoIF.com . It converts everything for you, and saves un-necessary actions like multiple copy/pastings

I think people are getting confused between the plan formats. SimBrief does not have a plan import with the format IF uses with 20.2 (fpl). However what most people were talking about is simply pasting it into the search box like before. (string based)

I am working on an fpl formatted version.


So as the Simbrief does not have the same format as IF plan.

What would be the better place to calculate your route and flight informations, Chris?

Using .fpl instead of FpltoIF has some advantages for certain situations.
If you are just a commercial aviation guy the way via FpltoTF is perfectly fine. If you some how need a routing of from airways you are better with the .fpl format. Especially when you want to reuse it you can just have stored it in your device and import it seamlessly without having to copy past and what so ever.
The main advantage of .fpl is that it could store set attitudes.

dude, follow those instructions and you will have your completed FP in no time

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