FPL deleting

Not sure if this is intentonal, but sometimes when I search a waypoint, or airport it deletes my FPL or adds the point as my destination, but only sometimes, was wondering if anyone else has this issue or if it is just a bug(especially the deleteing)

No, not personally. You might just be hitting something else without knowing you did, thus deleting your FPL

This does happen to me sometimes. I would suggest restarting your device. It might be a bug, however I’m not completely sure.

When typing in a point, you might click the symbol next to the + sign which makes your flight plan go direct to that point, which happens to me. It isn’t the game, just an accident on your part. Does this sound right?

Nobit is when I search a point, and click enter on the key board

So you don’t add the point yet?

No I just searching the point, or city for the airport

If you have a strong that you are pasting and then search for a new one, it replaces what is there. Always he sure you add to plan before searching for new ones.

What Chris said. I have never had it happen.

Here this will explain to you how to add waypoints with a flight plan in place. It also lists what to avoid.

No it is searching for cities and such, it just delets the FPL

Are you searching more then 1?

I have a FPL

I search a location I am looking for

All I did was click enter for the last screen shot

Sorry I broke the images

Right you typed 2 things city names aren’t recognized in that way. Use the ICAO, Waypoint, or VOR. More then 1 word erases the flight plan. As I said read the tutorial. ✌️

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Oh ok makes sense, usually I do, guess I never put 2 and 2 together that it was erasing when I searched multi word things

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Thanks Brandon!