Pilots BEWARE… some FPL plans cause you to turn at extremes, causing overspeed’s to keep the aircraft stable. for example, this. EGLL 5128N/036W D161I D161N D012J MID DRAKE SITET ETRAT DVL LGL SORAP 4823N/042E

I got violations for this BS. totally outside of my control.

That’s why you double check your flight plan before you take off. You don’t just copy / paste it and assume everything is fine 😊

It’s within your control to make sure the flight plan you file is safe to fly. I always change it a little bit when I copy it from Simbrief because of those turns. Especially when flying on Expert you got to be careful.


yeah … your the expert

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Which aircraft was this? And weight, climb rate etc ?
I’ll try this later.

drop the attitude. no need to be disrespectful.
You’re the pilot. You should check your FLP. Not assume it’s perfect. A good pilot will always check to make sure their FLP doesn’t have any flaws:)


lol upsva.

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