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Hi All,

So recently I have gone more interested in actually flying a designated flight plan and I was suggested to go to Fpilot. But the problem is that it takes like 5 mins to load and after it does it always comes up with an error or something. I don’t think it’s due to a bad connection as I was at home and I can load all other websites and even watch youtube without any issues. Is there anything I didn’t do right?

Thanks for your help!


FPLtoIF you mean? @Chris_S is your go to guy.

It could be server issues or something like that but mine is perfectly fine. If you would like PM me and I can get your FPL for you and screenshot all the details?

Yes indeed I do mean FPLtoIF. Sorry. In this case I’ll get to him now! Thanks for your help!

PM me with what you were using for inputs and I can take a look. Sometimes there are issues on the SImBrief side that is beyond my control.

We are a top traffic referrer after all :)


Thanks for your offer. I’ll try it a few more times and I’ll message you directly if I really do need a FPL. Thanks so much for your help!

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