Fox's Brand New ATC control duration record

Hello IFC !

I am Your Expert Server ATC.

Today I had Controlled RKSI 🇰🇷, My Home Airport

I broke my ATC record (4h 17m)

Previous : around 4h

Thanks For Pilots who Was Approached at My Airport, And Frankly, It was Very Fun Session !

Traffics are Steady, And 3D Buildings, Etc.



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How do you get that summary to show up? For me it just ends and goes to the home screen lol

When you end your session, it should show your session summary with those statistics. This was only shipped with the 21.1 update, so if you’re stuck on the 20.3 version say due to an older device, then you’d be unable to see this.

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Of course… Sigh

Good job FOX!

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Congratulations and great work.

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