Fourthnebula919’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ EDDT

Welcome to @Fourthnebula919 ‘s ATC tracking thread

This is my tracking thread for my IFATC Practical and written test. I have passed my practical and am using the thread for some little extra practice

Server: Training
Airport: EDDT
Frequency: Ground and Tower
Status: Closed
Area(s) of focus: Pattern work

Tags: @BT_HANDLES @Tomjuul1996 @FN60fps @ThePotato @J-F_V @OregonAviaton @Hellople @MrHighFlyerVATSIM @Berlin_N @Kyles.aviation @PolishPilot


Tag me when you open!

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Open at KSFO


Are you open at VABB or KSFO?

KSFO, sorry about the confusion

All good. I would recommend not using a airport that has high traffic on the training server but I do know know how busy KSFO is

Open at KSFO again. I’m using this airport because it has so light trafic but not too much.


I will be open for 30 minutes, if Someone joins il stay for another 30

KSFO Tower is now closed

Open at KSAN GTS


Closed at KSAN after 45 minutes, thank you to the people who stopped by.

Open At KSAN

Server: Training
Airport: KSAN
Frequency: Ground and Tower
Status: Open


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I don’t quite see you open yet, are you opening soon?

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Ay, fourth! You open yet? I don’t see anything.

Yes very open

TS. ……server this

Oh shoot, I wasn’t accidentally looking at the expert server airports, definitely not, I would never make such a mistake


yes i am

good luck on IFATC training! @Fourthnebula919

Thank you @the_ding

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Feedback (Speedbird 362VA)

  1. No resequence behind whatever his callsign was on final
  2. Incorrect clearance (to land instead of for the option) on final
  3. Two landing clearances - not exactly sure why. I’m assuming that you think that when an aircraft announces full stop, it needs to be cleared to land even though it has already been cleared for the option (which I wasn’t in this case, just to land before). This is not true, note that an option clearance allows an aircraft to full stop as well as to do a touch and go.
  4. My landing was absolute butter, 52 FPM


Great job! When you apply for IFATC, you’ll have everything down :)