Fourth of July Spotting at the Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

Happy Fourth of July Everyone!

Today, I decided to go visit the airport for a bit. It was VERY HOT, but I braved the heat and took some pictures. Today, I focused on the American Airlines ERJ190.
I hope you like them!

First Picture of the day. An American Airlines Embraer ERJ190

This Delta MD88 never went to Atlanta today. A Friend informed me it was due to the holiday, and as it wasn’t scheduled to fly to ATL today. Very interesting to hear that.
A Piedmont ERJ145 that departed Runway 17, heading to PHL
Same American Airlines ERJ190 now taxiing to the Runway
I like this picture

A SkyWest CRJ200 follows behind

Cropped image of the Same RJ200 taking off. This RJ200 back Taxied Runway 17 and departed, since the ERJ190 was having issues with weight.
Unfortunately, I had to go home and never saw the ERJ190 take off due to it being delayed.


I hope you liked the pictures and a have a wonderful Fourth of July!


That last picture looks really nice. Great photos.

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Thank you very much :)

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That’s a very American spotting 😏

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