Fourth of July Plane Spotting at PANC

Hey guys, and welcome to my first post!

This evening, I did a little plane spotting to end the day of America’s Independence Day. This was taken at my local airport, Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

First up, we got the Delta pencil to Atlanta.

A visitor I didn’t know that was departing tonight is the Volga-Dnepr Antonov AN-124 departing for New York (SWF)

Delta Airlines to Minneapolis

China Airlines Cargo to New York’s JFK

UPS to Louisville

And last, but not least, FedEx to Memphis

Hope you enjoyed these photos!


I’m gonna assume you pressed send too early?


I did PANC-KATL in a delta 752
beautiful route

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Haha, I did! Didn’t realize it actually got posted…

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Amazing photos - been to Anchorage on holiday once - lovely place.

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This looks like a really cool spot with all those dynamic departures. Well done! Thanks for sharing!

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You got some ANC competition @anon38496261!! Jokes aside, great photos!


Awesome photos! Finally, another PANC spotting post. I’ll probably be going spotting for my birthday (it’s the one thing on my wish list) and we can have more PANC posts around here.

Anyway, those are amazing. Great work. If you ever want to fly, that would be cool. Just let me know!

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Thumbs up for “pencil”

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No one will ever beat the one and only!

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The 757 is not a -200, it’s a -300. But amazing photos! Especially the UPS 748!!

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