Fourth day at PSM: Fueling, Marshaling, and a VIP Airbus A340!

For those wishing to see my first couple of days, you can view them here. I skipped my second day due to not much worth seeing.

First day:

Third Day:

Welcome to this new thread of my new job!

Today was the fourth day on my new job, and it involved a lot more activity, and my first real day actually fueling an airplane!

Today, I finished computer training, and so I was taken to PlaneSense to fuel one of their PC-12’s. I went slow, but I did great! It felt like I was at a gas station fueling someone’s car, except that the gas station was on wheels, and the car is an airplane. I fueled two different airplanes today: the PC-12, and a modified King Air from the military.

This was also the very first time I have marshaled an airplane! I just wanted to know how it was like, so my coworker took me out, and instead of some practice, I actually wanted to try on a live airplane.
My coworker stood next to me and told me how to marshal, and so I marshaled my very first airplane into the ramp. I was told I did great for the first time, but need to have more confidence. I was actually watching a video on YouTube on how to properly marshal planes in the morning, so in a sense, I was trying to mentally get myself ready for when the time comes.

Not only that, we got a special visitor into PSM today! We got a Las Vegas Sands Airbus A340 [VP-BMS]! I was scheduled to leave at 9pm, but decided to stay until everything was done. Along with other firsts, it was the first time I went on the air-stairs. I’ll be honest, it was a great view being up there.

I’d like to thank the captain for actually allowing me into their private A340! Out of respect, I did not take pictures of the interior of the airplane. I shook his hand and thanked him.

It was such a great night! I can’t wait for something similar in the future!

This little Piper PA-32R was the first plane I’ve marshaled into the ramp.

Another great sunset!

The main highlight of my day: VP-BMS!

Beautiful airplane! This plane came in from Boston, MA (very short flight if you ask me)

I love this picture!

Final picture. First time on the air stairs too!

Thanks for Viewing my topic :) If you’ve made it this far, congrats! Leave a like, and comment which is your favorite picture!


Wow that a340 is stunning! I love the first pic of it. Is it a a346 or a343? (please be a a346)

A345, if I’m correct.

No, that’s not a typo.

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Yes it is I just looked it up it’s a a345

It’s actually an Airbus A340-500. It’s based in Las Vegas (LAS)

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That company owns a bunch of aircraft!
The A340, a 737-300. a 737 BBJ, two 747SP and a 767 and a bunch of gulfstreams!

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Awesome! Love seeing all of the updates

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Awesome stuff Daniel, would love to see more posts like this! My favorite picture was the first one of the A340.

BTW, how long will it be until you get to marshal bigger planes?

That’ll take a while. First start small and work your way up. That’s how it works

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