Four wings again

I did what was told, to go first person then back out but it didn’t work, and I managed to recreate the four wing error.

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Could you please let us know what you did prior to this occurring in as much detail as possible, so we can try and reproduce this?

Am I able to post videos, if so, I can record what I do.

That would be helpful, you can also send us the replay of the flight you reproduced this on. You can use for the latter

I found the replay, but for some reason, it does not show the bug, but it does show everything I did.

The duplicated wings bug is not recorded in the replay, it’s a rendering glitch at runtime - which is why I suggested what I did in your previous topic on the matter, and it usually works. Seems like this is even more of an edge case though.

The replay will still help us try and reproduce the issue, since it records all actions taken.

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It doesn’t work. Any time I try to upload it white screens then it says “security check incorrect”

Is there any other way for me to share a video, like a link to it?

You can put it on onedrive or google drive and share the link to it

I don’t think you can directly upload videos to this site

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Elizabeth on Instagram The video is on this reel, the share my infinite flight wouldn’t work.

Hope that works…

this happens to me all the time, every freaking takeoff smh lol

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The glitch was still alive i have experienced it in 777 300 and a350 900

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