“Four” wings A321

I was flying a A321, and when I landed for some reason a 3rd wing and 4th wing glitch formed and the wings would not vanish.

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I believe this may belong in the Support category. Does it still persist if you respawn or reload the app?

Hmm 🤔Iv’e only seen this in replays.

It only happened once, after I left and switched the A321 model, it only happened with the LATAM model, none of the other A321 skins.

Have you tried to get the issue to come up again? I know I had this issue once but it never came back when I respawned and tried to do it again.

I would say that maybe somebody else spawned in randomly at that spot but… It doesn’t appear to be so. I would reset the cache.

Oh, and by the way, welcome to the community! 😊

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I did everything I did with the other A321 skins exactly the same the same trajectory, the same type of landing, but to no affect, but I have had other minor errors with the LATAM skin.

I only play single player.

What happened here is that your wings were rendered twice - once without wingflex (the correct on-ground state), and once with wingflex. It’s an edge case, it doesn’t happen often and there’s no known way to consistently reproduce it, which is why you couldn’t reproduce it again when you tried to do so intentionally.

If this happens again, try the following: switch your camera to an interior one, then back to an exterior one - the duplicate set of wings should disappear.