Four times 100 hours. Another Milestone Accomplished.

Hello IFC,
Today I reached a milestone in my flying as I just passed 400 flying hours today. Today my buddy and I flew a Piper Cherokee (N123JC) out to Ardmore,Oklahoma (KADM) for lunch. Unfortunately I passed 400 hours in the air, so we landed I made sure to document the moment. Anyways the whole trip covered 5.5 hours of flying and 480 miles covered through the air! Enjoy the pictures from the trip and milestone


You might want to try uploading the pics again and wait a minute or two for them to finish

That sounds fun though!


Yeah going to try and refresh the pictures not sure what happened

Congratulations! We used to call that the 100 dollar hamburger but with prices nowadays it’s the 500 dollar hamburger! πŸ˜‚


Nice shots! The hamburger picture is my favorite lol

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What kind of plane is in picture number 4?

yes i know its not a plane but i couldnt resist

its what fuels the pilot to fly the plane

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that is one good looking burger!

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