Four Seasons B757-200

This is a really cool looking livery, which I think would look great in IF!

Please note: Not my photo: from


Hotels Group: Four Season have first Boeing. Amazing, but anathor Hotels Group hvnt a Boeing or Airbus. Four Season 757 like to see on IF.

It looks really cool :D

That is so cool.

I’ve seen that in real life, (granted it was at 30000ft but I’m still counting that as seeing it)

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I like it, the way the black is a little similar to Air New Zealand’s new liveries.

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i want it, if they revamp 757 it can add this livery 2


Wasn’t this already requested?

No it wasn’t. A post in Real World Aviation was created for the plane though :)

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Oh I understand now. Sorry I got confused since in my mind I was like “haven’t I seen this before?” but I didn’t know from where

Which made me think, since we didn’t have a request for it, one should be made! It’s a really nice livery.

There’s a bunch of livery requests going on right now. I wanted to bring this one back up. In the case of a 757 rework in the future, this would be a fun addition. Simple, all black livery, which I think stands out…

4 years and not a single vote, time to flag this.


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It’s neither time to flag this nor is it the time to bump it back to the top with a random comment.

We have quite a few of those old #features requests out there. We close them when they accidentally come up or if a user wants to create a new topic for it. But it would take a long while until we closed and removed each and every one of those old topics. Just let them be, unless you want to create a new one 😊

Thanks everyone!