Four Seasons 757-200


With 757-200 rework steamrolling on to our devices most likely in 20.3, it time to get up and vote for our favorite liveries. I’m suggesting you vote for this magnificent Four Seasons livery that is used for their luxury around the world trip. This luxury aircraft only has 53 seats compared to a normal configuration of 233.

More information about this here:

Information about 757:


You have my support.

@Vinamra_Acharya he got your topic JAJAJAJA (and sorry for ping you)


THIS IS AWESOME! At first glance, it looked like Air New Zealand All Blacks livery.


Hello, that thread got a day before, thus making your comment irrelevant. Please check your links before posting and also voted.

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A nice livery! You got my vote :)

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I also wanted that livery its very nice, but I didn’t had many info and I had homework and I forgot tu put the info again.

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Well I’ve got the Icelandair Aurora livery as my most-wanted livery for the 757 (and ever, for that matter haha). However, I’ve put a vote here. I made an old request for this way back in 2016, and now there’s a small chance this could come with the rework! It’s a clean livery that reminds me of the New Zealand livery, and since we have the Crystal livery on the 77L why not add another private livery??

So special livery ! I’ll try to free a vote for it.

Ahh nice one 10 VOTES 🗳😁😁


Let’s give this post a push 😝

A nice one indeed! Didn’t know this existed, but I’ve seen another all black private 757.

Edit: which happens to be the same registration as the image in the post… guess they repainted it.

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Pretty jet

Lol this didn’t age well, I don’t know how many of you guys will get the joke. It’s a really pretty livery though, ill free up a vote.

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Lol is it the A340 in the background?

No, @Apollo_Yuh. I too agree it’s quite the looker of a livery.

No, but I think @Trio gets it lol

lol, I thought this plane had to do with the Four Seasons landscaping store that held Trumps political party conference thing.

It is a very cool livery. I’ll try to free up a vote elsewhere.

I have to say that it’s a really amazing bird. And this livery will go awesome with it. Especially with the pitch black fuselage.

After Crystal AirCruise being added to IF, another private bird should also be entertained as well. Guys lets drop a vote to this black livery. Imagine having a fleet of black rockets parked in IF. That would be reli nice!


Nice livery!