Four Norwegian Air Subsidiaries Go Bankrupt

Four of Norwegian Air’s subsidiaries have gone bankrupt.

Due to COVID-19, you know what’s going on. Norwegian Air has slashed a majority of its capacity and has cancelled numerous flights.

Four of Norwegian Air’s subsidiaries responsible for staffing have gone bankrupt:

  • Norwegian Pilot Services Sweden AB
  • Norwegian Pilot Services Denmark ApS
  • Norwegian Cabin Services Denmark ApS
  • Norwegian Air Resources Denmark LH ApS

As a result, 1,571 pilots and 3,134 cabin crew will be affected by this as they could likely be unemployed during these harsh times.

Norwegian Air’s 2,000 other crew members based in Norway, France and Italy are not affected by this bankruptcy.

CEO Jacob Schram:

”The impact the Coronavirus has had on the airline industry is unprecedented. We have done everything we can to avoid making this last-resort decision and we have asked for access to government support in both Sweden and Denmark.

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Today has not been a great day with Virgin Australia planning to go into administration and South African Airways expecting to collapse soon.

Unfortunately, if the airline does not receive its necessary government bailout, these four bankruptcies may be the first causalities before Norwegian Air’s true collapse.


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In all seriousness, rip. Norwegian’s actually a nice airline, I hope they pull through.


Could they get any more unlucky, first the Max groundings, then some 787 problems and now Covid

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C’mon don’t jinx it

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Too late 😬

Visited ENGM Oslo intl. airport yesterday.
Norwegian aircraft parked everywhere, even at the GA terminal.

Here is a shot of one of them parked at GA taped and masked


Not Norwegian! Hope they get back in business soon enough ;(

Norwegian seems like a good airline to me, hope they pull through the MAX, the 787s, and COVID…

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