(Four Attending) A Fly Out from Venezuela! @ SVMI - 010000ZDEC18 (CANCELLED)


Server: Training

Airport: SVMI

Time: November 30, 2018 4:00 PM

NOTAM: SVMI has 3 runways.
Some aircraft are not allow such as the 787 as they don’t go to Venezuela
Flight plans must be placed
Route must be real
Some airlines are not allowed
Spawn in 5 minutes prior to flight planning

About this event:
This will be a fly-out of Simon Bolivar International Airport in Caracas, Venezuela and it will be in Training server to allow more people to come. This is my first time creating this event.

National Terminal: (Must be a domestic flight)
Terminal 01:
Terminal 02:
Terminal 03:
Terminal 04: @Charles_L Generic 737-700
Terminal 05:
Terminal 06:
Terminal 07:
Terminal 08:
Terminal 09:
Terminal Remote 10:
Terminal Remote 11:
Terminal Remote 12:
Terminal Remote 13:
Terminal Remote 14:
Terminal Remote 15:
Terminal Remote 16:
Terminal Remote 17:
Terminal Remote 18:
Terminal Remote 19:
Terminal Remote 20:
Terminal Remote 21:
Terminal Remote 22:
Terminal Remote 23:
Terminal Remote 24:
Terminal Remote 25:

International Terminal: (Must be a international flight)
Terminal 12:
Terminal 13:
Terminal 14: Air France 777-200ER to Paris Charles @Corgi
Terminal 15: Generic Dash 8-Q400 to TTPP @Pinelovr
Terminal 16:Generic A330 to Bogota @PedroG
Terminal 23:
Terminal 24:
Terminal 25:
Terminal 26:
Terminal 27:
Terminal 28:
Terminal 29:
Terminal 30
Terminal 31:
Terminal 32:
Terminal Remote 33:
Terminal Remote 34: DHL 757-200 to MPTO @QFA_12
Terminal Remote 35:
Terminal Remote 36:
Terminal Remote 37:
Terminal Remote 38:
Terminal Remote 39:
Terminal Remote 40:
ATC Frequency:
Ground: @Tyler_Efthim
Tower: @Tyler_Efthim

We hope to see you there! (:


Congrats on your first event, unfortunately I am unable to come, but it does look really good.

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I know look good

I have family from Venezuela and very nice to see an event in Venezuela!

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Date change, feel free to come!

Finally, my land neighbors getting some love!

Is it OK to do a flight that doesn’t exist anymore, now that most of the intl. airlines are leaving Venezuela behind? If I can, I will fly to Bogotá on a generic A330; If I can’t, I’ll take an American 737 to Miami please.

Any gate is fine.

I’ll take any gate for a flight to TTPP in the Dash 8


OK thanks, sign me up

That’s Caribbean Airlines route

I will fly to Bogotá on a generic A330

Is it possible to fit it? Avianca flew the Bogotá-Caracas-Bogotá route on an A330-200.

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I know, there’s is no carribean airlines livery in infinite flight, they use the ATR-72 in real life but infinite flight does not have that aircraft

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Time changed to 4:00 PM because of school

That’s too early; is 2130Z too much to ask?

2130Z is too much for me

Yes there is! There is a Caribbean Airlines livery on the 737-800!

It is not a realistic aircraft for that route

I’ll go to mpto on Dhl

Hey, I was just wondering , I would like to join , but the actual aircraft that the airline uses does not have the livery in IF. (Air France A330) If this is fine I would love to join, with a Air France B777 to Paris (CDG) at gate 14! (If necessary a 767 will be a good aircraft as well!

also just some reinforcements that the route exists

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@Kaseng_Cheng_Rangel Which time zone are we taking about? 4 est, 4 cst, 1600z?

Can you please state the Zulu time measurement or specify more?


It’s 4 PDT