Found something amusing! (to me, at least)

I was looking for a short haul-flight to do this afternoon, and ended up choosing KLAX to KSEA.

When I was deciding which airline to fly under, I discovered this little nugget on FlightAware! Is it common to see a Boeing 747 fly such a short route? Genuinely intriguing!

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If they need to move an aircraft to a different destination, they’ll often do a quick hop, and do their actual flight from there. No passengers are usually found on these flight though :)

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This is a cargo route probably (stopover) probably on route LAX-SEA-TPE

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Interesting! Why not just fly directly to Taiwan?

So that they can pick up more cargo in Seattle without having to fly another plane over. There’s likely not demand for a whole 747-400F in Seattle.


You’ll often see cargo operators fly heavy aircraft on short hauls and then eventually back to base. Just as how Tbolt explained. They pick up cargo as they land at each airport before eventually flying back to their origin.

CX2090 and CX2091 is a route that Cathay Pacific operates 748F’s on a few times a week interchanging from HKG-ANC-DFW-ATL-ANC-HKG and HKG-ANC-DFW-LAX-ANC-HKG.

Speaking of Seattle and 747s, yesterday on the expert server I was landing from SFO into SEA and there was 4 Cargolux 747-8s landing in front of me


If it was the 747 cargo variant, wouldn’t give the aircraft type as 747F? Rather than B744?

They still differentiate because the 747-8 is also a cargo variant so a 747F would not tell you if it’s a 744 or 748.

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