Found some plane spotters

Device: iPad 8
Operating system: iPad OS
Credit: zhuTwentySix
Location: YSCB


Awesome Catch!


If a Moritz cult suddenly gets found I wont even be surprised

Do we got a event for catching plane spotters in IF?

Not now. There was something along those lines yesterday though.

okay, but I think I will keep update with this topic

DeerCrusher made a event yesterday that the first 16 winners to find Mortiz would make the Airport Editing team!

uh oh, I think I might missed it

I have no idea about it

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Yes I missed it as well. Here is the topic below! :) 🔽

crying…I want to join the IFAET…

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Lol me too. But hey there will be future opportunities to join the team :)

Working on an application process that I’d like to launch over the summer. 😜


Wanting to join the team is like putting a jacket potato in the oven. Take it out too early, it’s gonna be hard and not ready. Take it out too late, and you’ve missed your opportunity for a perfect jacket potato you spud. Take it out right on time and you’ve got a perfect place to spill your beans to enjoy a well deserved and cooked jacket potato.


Ooo Nice! 👀

sound good

I want to join so i can update my hometown airport to add taxiway lights

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same idea with you!

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